About Us

Lily Education is a licensed learning centre, focused on English language training by experienced professionals, where education is fun and inspiring. Situated in an easy accessible location, with all modern facilities, it is not just a classroom, it is your home for exciting journey into learning, finding new friends and pursuing your dreams.

LE Values

You will enjoy interactive learning, friendly atmosphere and individual attitude. We provide free learning materials and encourage our students for self-study using our multimedia library and all the facilities. It is not only about language, but also developing your personal skills, communication, positive thinking, choosing right career, determining your goals and believing in your future.

We think that study should be fun, with this idea we organize various competitions, special events, workshops, small parties, conversation hours, movies, chess competitions, day trips and many more.

However, our belief is that language should be only a tool in personal development, enhancing new career opportunities and achieving lifelong goals. It opens the new horizons for discovering the world and promoting your own country as well.

Why choose LE?
A wide range of courses to suit everyone
Affordable fees with special offers
Friendly, helpful enrolments to assist with every aspect of your study
Committed and experienced teachers
Flexible teaching hours, individually designed by your convenience
Individual classes
Bright and spacious classrooms
Compact class size
Comfortable curriculum for students
Fantastic student support
A safe and inspiring learning environment
Clear objectives indentified at the beginning of each lesson
Clear monthly objectives for each group
Emphasis on practice and active use of the language
A wide range of enrichment activities
Book-lending programme with books for all levels
Self Study Room
Excellent location: a short walk from
underground station “Hamza”