Our graduates

We are proud of our graduates who are now achieving their goals as professionals of different field or continuing their education in world known universities around the globe. All of them are united with the ideas of aspiration and further contribution for the development of our country. 

LE student testimonials

AdhamAdkham, Izmir, Turkey

I am very grateful for the skills I gained at the Lily Education. It was very productive and full of warm memories. Nowadays I am continuing my studies in Textile and I am hoping to contribute to this very vital field of economy upon my return to Uzbekistan.







Saidkamol and Dildora, Paris, France

Thanks to my studies in Lily Education centre in one month I’ve got 6.5 points at IELTS and got admission to PhD studies in France. Moreover, time at LE became a turning point for me as I met my wife to be Dildora. I fell in love with her while studying in one class. Now we are happy together and often remember our days in LE with joy and smile.





BakhodirBakhodir, Italy

I continue my studies in Italy majoring in Information Technologies. I am very grateful for the time I spent in Lily Education. There I made new friends, improved my English and communication skills, become more self-confident and consistent in pursuing my dreams. Now I know, if you aspire something wholeheartedly, you can reach any dream and become a person you want to be.






JahongirJakhongir, Turkey

I only had 10 lessons in Lily Education, but that was a great asset for me. From 4.5 in IELTS I reached 5.5 and got admission at one of the prestigious universities of Turkey. I think the key in this success was the individual attitude to me, specially designed program. I recommend LE to everyone who aspires to learn English and achieve bigger goals in life.






Sardor.jpgSardor, Singapore

I was very happy when after one month of studying at Lily Education I’ve got 6.0 for speaking in IELTS. Now I am studying business in Singapore and enjoying this experience a lot. I believe as young people we should do our best in studies so we can contribute for the further development of our country when we come back.





Fazliddin, Tashkent

In 3 weeks time I’ve got 7.0 points in IELTS and enter Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent. I have also started my own small business. I am grateful to my teachers and staff at Lily Education for inspiring me.

Dildora, Tashkent

When I came to Lily Education I have already had two kids. I was very much interested in learning English, but I was not sure if I can manage to achieve my goals in short time. My teachers at LE were very supportive and made me believe in myself. I did not believe my eyes when I got 6.5 after 2.5  months of studies. It helped me to believe in what I can do and follow my dreams.

Otabek, Oxford, UK

Thanks to Lily Education in 1.5 months I’ve got 5.5 points in IELTS and achieved my childhood dream to come to study to Oxford. This city is a dream for many aspiring young people and I was happy to meet many of my friends from Uzbekistan in the United Kingdom. I wish all of my peers to achieve their aspirations to study abroad and return home to show the real potential of young Uzbekistanis.